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The Law of Addition

Today’s video is all about the Law of Addition. This says that the bottom line in leadership is not about how far we advance ourselves, but how far we advance others. This law is all about adding value and serving people.

There is no one I know who does this better than my mother! I am so grateful to have her as an example of how to love and serve. She continues to amaze me at how she is always looking for ways to help and be of service. She stays late and cleans up after every single party she ever attends. She cooks lunch for the volunteers at her work, even on her days off! She literally has given away the clothes and jewelry she is wearing if someone compliments them, even the check out girls at the grocery store. And the way she supports and loves and serves us kids is just humbling. 

Here is an activity for you to use to help you get more intentional about adding value to the people in your life:

  • Name 5 people in your personal life closest to you.
  • Next to each name, write 3 ways you show them you care. If you can’t write 3 ways you already show them you care daily, come up with 3 ways you are willing to do so.
  • Now, name 5 people in your business life that you lead. (You don’t have to be the direct supervisor, but people you interact with and influence daily.)
  • Next to each name, write 3 ways that you display actions every day of caring, sharing and lifting. Again, if you don’t already, how can you?
  • Now, ask yourself – are you willing to do this without recognition? Adding value to others is about them and not you. You are not giving to receive, but giving to add value, so even if no one notices, will you still do it?

My video here goes into more detail about this law:

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