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Client Testimonials

“I contacted Anna when I needed guidance as I was preparing to leave my full time job and start a coaching practice. In a very short space of time she was able to put me at ease with great tips and advice as well as sharing some of her personal experiences on her journey. She also shared useful resources that I would be able to tap into as I launched my business.”


“You are doing a great job in positively shifting the culture here. I appreciate how hard and, often times, discouraging this work can be. Keep on doing the good work you are doing.  You are causing meaningful change. Thank you for what you are doing and the way in which you do it. You are a valuable asset to us and to all those we serve in this mission.”    


“Thank you so much. I feel like I have clarity that I haven’t felt in a long time. Like the clouds that have been blocking my vision have parted.  Sorry for the cheesy analogy!”


“Anna, the two mediations you have done for us have been of great help to me and to the staff members involved. Both times I believe everyone present left armed with tools to help in communicating better with each other and ways to deal with stressful situations on the unit. I will certainly call upon you again if there is another situation where mediation will help. Thanks so much for coming to help.”


“Maxwell’s book and the discussions on each of the laws gave me focus as I began to develop a principled approach to personal and professional growth. Working through the book and Anna’s thought provoking discussions taught me that continual growth is important and that it doesn’t happen by itself. If you are really interested and committed to your own growth, read this book and take this course! Within two weeks of the course ending, I received a promotion in my job to a Director level position.”

“At the retreat kicking off the process improvement effort, I was in the small group facilitated by Anna Olson. Anna did a very professional job in keeping this very diverse group on task and focused, professionally managing the pressure to get a lot done in a small amount of time.”


“My time spent with Anna as my coach helped to push me past where I would normally go to find the answers. Her warmth and friendliness are impacting as she connects with you to help you look within yourself.  Anna keeps you on that pathway to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself and holds you accountable. I am accomplishing more as a person and in my organization because of the experience I had with Coach Anna.”


“In case I didn’t say thank you enough – I’m going to say it again – you came to my rescue and I am deeply appreciative! Every review I received from your session spoke very highly of your presentation skill and what a great job you did providing an interesting presentation on zero notice! We are lucky to have you on our team!”


“As a relative newcomer to management, I am grateful for the insight gained from Anna in Performance Management. Coaching employees, monitoring, evaluating and rating their performance, and being responsible for employee discipline can be challenging to navigate. From this workshop, I obtained a fundamental knowledge for addressing these issues utilizing a positive approach with the employee which elevated my self-confidence in the ability to be an effective manager. This course also instilled in me the critical importance of rewarding and recognizing employees for good performance.” 


“Anna was just what the Society needed to jump-start our new Board of Directors Orientation and begin our journey toward the development of a comprehensive Strategic Plan. She was thoroughly prepared for our Leadership Conference and exceeded my hopes and expectations!”