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Staying Sane: Strategies for managing conflict during the holidays

I know dealing with family and ‘people-ing’ in general can be stressful, even more so at this time of year.

For those of you feeling like you just can’t even, I have put together a few tips for choosing how to communicate and basically learn how to keep sane in this season.

I created this really for my own self as a reminder, because even though I am an expert, aka I’ve studied and taught this shit for years, I still don’t always get it right, especially when it comes to family stuff… Nothing like a good family conflict to make you throw all your best learnin’ out the window! 

So, if you think you’d like to take back a little control of yourself (p.s. that is the only person you can control) in conflict scenarios and be a little more intentional and informed in how you communicate, click the buy button below and I’ll send you a link to this training.

The truth is these difficult conversations are a normal part of life. They are actually necessary and can even lead to better outcomes, mutually satisfying solutions and improved relationships, if we navigate them and learn how to choose our communication styles a little better. If you’re dreading the holiday drama, I promise you will find this training helpful! It also costs less than the giant bottle(s) of vodka/wine/tequila that you are planning to buy to get through the next week. Ok, you’ll probably want to drink the wine too, but also maybe listen to this training. Give yourself this gift of sanity for only $25 and thank me later. I like thank you notes. And wine, I like wine as well 🙂

Good luck out there and Merry/Happy/holidays/crazyfamilytime 

Much love,



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