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Life Choice Radio Leadership Q & A

Today on the blog I am answering two questions from the listeners over at Life Choice Radio! I am happy to be able to add value to this audience and help them on their leadership growth journey. Every Thursday in May, I will be answering one question live on the show and a few on the blog. Please write in your questions to anna@annamarieolson.com and tune in tonight at 7pm for the live segment on www.lifechoiceradio.com.

Question #1

From Ishea – She just received a promotion and she has to supervise people she used to hang out with. What should be her first step when she starts? 

Great question, Ishea, and one that I hear a lot! First of all, congratulations on your promotion!! Whoop whoop!

And to answer your question, it will be awkward at first. It just will. Once you transition to the supervisor of people who you used to be at the same level with, things will change. But the secret to making it go better is to acknowledge the awkward. Just lay it out there and say I know this is going to be a transition, but I am here to support you and lead you the best I can and I value you as my team and want to make this transition as easy as I can for all of us.

I suggest spending some time in the beginning with your team as the new leader establishing the expectations, setting boundaries. If you had a BFF on the team before, be super aware that you don’t show them preferential treatment and if you’re still friends outside of work, keep that relationship out of the office as much as possible.

I also recommend having regular meetings with them as a group and one on one to keep up with what their needs are, struggles, lack of resources, concerns and issues. As the leader it is our job to serve our team in order for them to become the best at what they do! When you approach it with that mindset, I think your team will embrace you as their leader.

Question #2

From Savana – How can I show my new supervisor I am trust worthy and a leader?

Hi Savanna, I really believe that one of the best ways to show that you are a leader is to add value to other people. Leadership is all about influence, so if you can find ways to positively influence and impact the people on your team, your customers or clients and even those who are leading you, then you will definitely stand out as a leader!

Showing signs of initiative and going the extra mile at work, asking for more responsibility, helping others, and engaging with your boss and seeking out information on the bigger picture of the organization as a whole are ways to show you are a leader and go getter. Leaders are learners. If you want to be a good leader, always be learning, improving yourself and growing personally and professionally.

You’re not doing this just for your organization, you’re doing this for you! To advance as a leader in all areas of your life, to add value to people all around you, to create better experiences for yourself and others. To gain additional skills and knowledge.

And the last thing I will say on showing your boss you are trustworthy…Do what you say you will do!! Keep your commitments. If for some reason you cannot meet a deadline, make it in on time or complete a task, let your leader know as soon as you know. Finding out after the fact is more disappointing and looks like you are not dependable. Be someone they can count on to be impeccable with your word. Be authentic, transparent and honest.

Best of luck to Ishea and Savanna as you grow yourselves in your leadership capacity. I look forward to hearing about your future successes!

On the live radio show tonight, I am answering the question from Matt: I am having trouble leading my team who are complainers and low performers. What do you suggest? Tune in at 7pm CST on www.lifechoiceradio.com to hear my response to Matt.

Update: here is the recording from the radio show on 5-14-2015

To your success!


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