What does a leader look like? She looks like YOU!

If you are here it is because you are a woman on a mission to create a life and business that you don’t need a vacation from. And guess what? I can help you do that! I am a leadership coach and mentor to women who are ready to take their life and business to the next level. I believe with all my heart that the key to success in all aspects of life is to develop our leadership abilities. 

“Whether you are leading yourself or leading others, a little bit of ‘why’ goes a long way!” ~ Anna Olson

If you are a coach, speaker, trainer, consultant, or a small business owner with a growing team, this is the place for you. I know how exciting it is to see your business blossom and develop and suddenly you are so busy you need help!

That is a great problem to have!

BUT as you build your company and put together your support team, it can become frustrating and difficult to find the right fit, especially with virtual team members. And once you find your dream team, you then need to be the leader that steers the ship in the same direction.

You set the example. You navigate your individual relationships with each of them. You create the processes and systems for them to communicate with each other. You define the culture, communicate your vision, give direction and provide the support they need from you to do what they do best, and much much more.  No pressure…   

As my friend and mentor John says, leaders develop daily, not in a day!

This is where I come in. I have been training, mentoring and coaching leaders in many different capacities, organizations and industries over the past ten years – you name it, I have seen it when it comes to leadership and team issues! After leaving a successful career as an organizational development and leadership expert in the corporate world, and having my own corporate consulting business, I found that my calling is to work with my fellow women entrepreneurs who are on a mission to change the world, have it all, and have FUN in the process.

When I am working with the woman who owns her business, who makes the decisions, believes she has the power to create what she desires, and she can change what isn’t working at the drop of a dime – something very amazing happens! She sees results, FAST! You see, there is no red tape, there are no long drawn out meetings, no running around in circles to make decisions. You are the boss of your life and business. You can choose to change today!  

I work with women leaders who believe in taking a stand for the AND.

They have a life they love AND a business they love. They create wealth AND give back to the world with their time, money and talents. They believe in taking excellent care of themselves AND their team. They invest in support AND give it. The are kind AND can have difficult conversations. They make good decisions AND seek expert wisdom. 

I am ready to come alongside you as your coach and help you become the best leader you can be. We will work together to discover your biggest challenges and create solutions to overcome them. I practice a holistic approach to leadership and believe in the client setting the agenda. We will work on your greatest needs to get you to your highest good.

Sometimes that will be focused solely on your business, and other times you may be working through some personal issues that we will discuss or some inner work that needs to be done for you to grow. Because let’s face it, there is no separating yourself from your business! The two are intertwined even when you work in a corporate job. Sure you keep doing your job, but anyone who says they don’t bring their personal issues to work, is LYING!!!

Your mom’s cancer doesn’t go away while you are at work, your divorce is not on hold at the office, your child’s fever is not miraculously lower because you’re at work.

And it is even more difficult, well for me at least, to not let the personal problems impact my business when I am responsible for everyone and everything.

Ultimately, if something goes wrong, it all comes down to me. My leadership. I will be honest, I agonized over the first team member I hired, and the first one I fired and I totally let it affect me. I have had so many learning opportunities personally with these issues and I want to help you be the leader you were meant to be in your own life and business. I want to help you be able to fully enjoy all your financial success and be proud of what you have created with the great service you bring to the world! 

If you would like to set up an interview with me to learn how I can help you on your path to being a better leader, please fill out this short application and sign up for a spot on my calendar.

I am taking new clients now in 2015 and would love to chat with you to see how I can be of service. If on the call we discover that I cannot add value to you, then we will part as friends! IF you believe I would be an asset to your team as your coach and mentor and thinking partner, we will join forces and take you to your vision of success!

Sign up for a complementary 30 minute discovery session below! I love meeting new women and hearing about your business, your dreams and desires. If I can help, I’d love to partner with you. Let’s chat!

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